About Me

I blog as The Everyday RD because I know “eating in the real world” involves making food decisions based on:

  • taste preferences
  • food cost and access
  • preparation time and effort
  • cooking skills and equipment
  • food advertising and marketing
  • socio-cultural beliefs and practices
  • health concerns and medical needs
  • government policies and regulations
  • and many other forces

Much has changed in our understanding of human nutrition and food composition over the course of my career - and we are still learning - but the one thing that has not changed is how personal our food choices really are. That was the focus of my clinical practice for 35 years and remains at the core of the consulting work I do for the food and beverage industry and as a speaker and writer. So while I continue to I read nutrition research, evaluate food trends and review consumption data, the most important factor of all to me is what you eat!

To learn more about my work please visit RobynFlipse.com.

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