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Great Summer Foods for Grown Ups

This post was originally written during my 2 1/2 year tenure as a blogger for Family Goes Strong. This site was deactivated on July 1, 2013.


When children are home and school is in session, meal schedules and menus revolve around them and their taste preferences. Once they’re off to camp for the summer it’s time for adult tastes to rule the kitchen (and grill). Foods with adult flavors can be found in every aisle of the store. Here are 7 of my favorites that will definitely be on my summer food shopping list and part of my healthy summer recipes.



Chobani Greek Yogurt Bites Fig with Orange Zest

This is the most exceptional flavor combo in the dairy case! I just love it and am so happy the “bite” size containers are just 100 calories each. I can have one as a midmorning snack then enjoy another for a satisfying, thick and creamy dessert at night. The Chobani Blood Orange Non-fat Greek Yogurt takes second place for best grown up food flavor of the year.


Wegman’s Organic Wild Mushroom & Herb Chicken Sausage

There are other brands of chicken sausage out there, but Wegman’s Organic Wild Mushroom & Herb does it best for me. If you don’t have a Wegman’s in your neighborhood, you can try the Al Fresco or Dietz & Watson chicken sausage, but it’s hard to find a comparable product to the Wegman’s regular or organic line. Just grill with vegetables or cut them up to top a summer salad.


Campbell’s Golden Lentil with Madras Curry GO Soup

I fell in love with the Campbell’s line of Go soups in pouches over the winter and am not about to give them up as the temperatures rise. Each variety is authentically seasoned and the pouches maintain the texture of the vegetables, chicken and lentils like no other prepared soup I’ve ever tasted. Just turn down the A/C and give them a try.



Brown Rice Sea Salt & Black Pepper Triscuits

There are so many crackers on the shelves it’s hard to imagine there could be anything new worth trying. But there is. Nabisco’s new line of Triscuits made with brown rice are lighter and crisper and come in five flavors that weren’t developed with toddlers in mind.

morningstar farms


Morningstar Farms Mediterranean Chickpea Burger

I’ve become a big fan of bean and veggie burgers because they deliver such big taste in so few calories and with a lot less fat than straight-up meat patties. The flavor profiles go from the Southwest to Asia and the Mediterranean, so just add the complementary condiments for a burger that won’t bore you. And if you’re as wild about mushrooms as I am, don’t overlook the Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lover’s Burger.




Glaceau Orange Mango fruitwater naturally flavored sparkling water beverage

I’m not a fan of plain water so run the risk of not drinking enough in the summer months when hydration requirements are highest. Now I don’t have to worry because I love these great-tasting, naturally fruit flavored, zero calorie sparkling water beverages from Glaceau. They’re available in 5 flavors that refresh without drowning your palate in artificial flavors like so many kids’ drinks do.



Dole Banana Dippers covered in dark chocolate

I’ve found the perfect frozen novelty that tastes like ice cream but isn’t. They’re banana slices dipped in dark chocolate. Each sleeve has 4 slices with only 25 calories each, but it feels like so much more as the dark chocolate slowly melts in your mouth and combines with the soft, sweet banana. The kids won’t know what they’re missing!



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