The content of my blogs is first and foremost anchored in my understanding of the facts based on the best scientific evidence available to me on the topic about which I am writing. I also draw from my 30+ years of clinical experience and credentials as a registered dietitian with two advanced degrees and 15 credits per year of continuing education. My expertise in human nutrition and eating behavior has also been honed by teaching, writing and lecturing about it and by listening very carefully to what people have to say about what they eat.

The information shared on this blog is presented for anyone who is interested in following me. It is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any condition or as a substitute for any medical or nutritional intervention. Your personal questions should be directed to your licensed health care providers.

While I write this blog as a free expression of my views, I am a paid consultant to food and beverage companies. If I share information about a product I have worked on I will disclose that in my post. If I come to know about a product because I was provided a free sample or invited someplace to see how it’s made, I’ll make that clear, too. The fact that I may have been compensated for my professional services or offered products to sample does not, however, alter my commitment to rely on independent and impartial scientific evidence to support the statements I make.

As a registered dietitian and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, I am bound by the Code of Ethics for the Dietetics Profession. The Code requires that I conduct myself with honesty, integrity and fairness and conduct my practice using evidence-based principles and current information. In addition, I have pledged to adopt the Guiding Principles of RDs4Disclosure and Blog with Integrity am listed as a member on their websites.