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Best Beauty Advice for Women: Get a Good Haircut

This post was originally written during my 2 1/2 year tenure as a blogger for Health Goes Strong. The site was deactivated on July 1, 2013, so the post has been reproduced here.


No matter how well you disguise your body beneath your clothes, everyone can see your face. Even women who have reached their goal weight find they still have fat cheeks, a pointy chin or an angular jawline when they look in the mirror.

That’s when you realize the shape of your face is like your fingerprints. It stays with you for life.

Without even considering cosmetic surgery as an option, there are painless ways to redefine the shape and appearance of your face. In my previous post, I shared tips from my book The Wedding Dress Diet to help any woman select the perfect dress to flatter her figure without having to diet and exercise like a fiend to fit into the wrong dress. Now I’m ready to deliver Part II: Beauty advice for women that flatters your natural features.

Looking Younger From the Neck Up

The shape of your eyebrows, the contour of your blush and right shade of lipstick can all be used accentuate your natural beauty. If you don’t believe me, just ask a drag queen! The art of deception is their specialty, but those of us who dress as women everyday can learn a lot from their secret beauty tips.

Choosing the right hairstyle is one of the most effective ways to subtly change your appearance so your best features stand out while leaving the weaker ones ignored. Depending on the shape of your face, something as simple as wearing bangs can make you look 10 years younger without investing in costly injections or facial creams.

Wear Your Hair to Fit Your Face

Match your face to one of these shapes and see if a new hairstyle doesn’t help you put your best face forward.

Square face – If this description fits you, the width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw are about equal, with a sharp angular jawline. To soften those corners, surround them with curls, layers or uneven ends. You can also get away with short, spiky cuts, but will draw attention to your jaw with a chin-length bob or wide straight bangs.

Round face – The difference between this face shape and a square one is that round faces don’t have sharp angles. The corners are round and soft. Long hair will help lengthen your face, so let it grow a few inches below your chin or longer. If you have a natural wave, scrunch your hair as it dries to let those soft waves surround your face, but avoid tight curls that will make your round cheeks look fuller.

Diamond face – This description means the width of your forehead and chin are the same while your cheekbones are wider. You can wear the same cuts as someone with a square face, especially long straight hair parted in the middle.

Long or Narrow face – Since your face is longer than it is wide, you need to create some width. You can do that with bangs, whether straight across or swept to the side. A straight, chin-length bob will also provide the illusion of a wider face, just don’t let it get too long or it will drag your face down. You can, however, wear your bob cut with soft curls to provide fullness around your face.

Heart-Shaped face – Since your face is shaped like and inverted triangle, widest at the forehead and pointy at the chin, you need a cut that draws the eyes away from your chin. Side-swept bangs and a strong part will help, and wearing it long or short, just not chin length.

Oval face – If the length of your face is 1 ½ times the width you’ve got the most versatile shape when it comes to hairstyles. You can wear your hair long or short, straight or curly, or go with an edgy uneven cut. To make your haircut really pay off, be sure it highlights your best facial feature – eyes, cheekbones, lips.

The most valuable beauty tip of all is one that has always been free and is universally recognized as a sign of attractiveness. Smile. With or without the cameras on you, a warm smile is your best asset.

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